Seriously, wasn't that the best first pitch ever?

In case you missed it, our own Sister Mary Jo Sobieck, OP, threw out a flawless first pitch at the White Sox vs. Royals game Saturday, August 18.  Sister Mary Jo was there to celebrate Marian Catholic High School night and wore a number 60 on the back of her uniform to mark the anniversary of MCHS this year.  Check it out in the video below!

Marian Catholic High School was right on the field to share the internationally acclaimed first pitch at the Chicago White Sox game against the Kansas City Royals.

The White Sox themselves called Sister Mary Jo's first pitch, "One of the most impressive first pitches of all time." We humbly agree. See for yourself!

The Coach said, "She looks like she can play." After a brief interview he asked, "Can you play for us?"

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Sister Mary Jo had A LOT of interviews after the August 18 first pitch.

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What do Rock 'n Roll, Hip Hop and Dominican Sisters have in common? Let Sister Mary Jo explain Prayer Perspectives in music.  See the full Dominican Associate Session, A Call to Prayer and Preaching, here.


“You know you can go to her for anything, even if it has nothing to do with volleyball or even school…If something is bothering you and you need to talk to her, she’s always there. She’s such a positive influence.”
NWI Times


Here is Sister Mary Jo on Good Morning America!

Sister Mary Jo closed out ABC World News Tonight on Sunday, August 19

Question to Sister Mary Jo: How are you doing with your newfound fame on the Internet?

Sister Mary Jo: “I tell people I feel famous at Marian Catholic. I really do. They’re wonderful, and more than my love for sports I hope people recognize my joy for the Gospel and love for life.”

Sister Mary Jo hits the button with her signature pitch to dump Ainsley Earhardt in the dunk tank on Fox and Friends.