Our Peru Mission

Thank God for the presence of the Dominicans of Springfield in our Archdiocese of Huancayo! The evangelizing service they carry out is invaluable!

Cardinal Pedro Barreto Jimeno, SJ

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You are invited to participate in the evangelizing mission of our Sisters serving in San Juan de Jarpa Parish, a remote Andean village in the Archdiocese of Huancayo where the archbishop wrote these encouraging words about our sisters.

You see, the convent our sisters have occupied for 20 years was built in 1930, and has suffered much in the rugged Andean climate. Seven years ago, after a few days at the center house in Lima, the sisters returned home to a missing roof and a falling wall. Stop-gap repairs were made but everyone, including Cardinal Barreto, knew more needed to be done.

While it took several years to raise funds for the repairs, when the cardinal called the sisters in Jarpa with the good news, they were truly grateful, but had to ask: How could they live in a new building while the parish center—the heart of the community—remained in such poor condition?

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Volunteers from the community begin the process of dismantling the old convent.
Volunteers from the community begin the process of dismantling the old convent.
All the adobe brick from the old convent and parish center were carefully saved and are being repurposed by the parishioners.
Once deconstruction was complete, construction of the new building progressed rapidly.

The budget for the project is stretched tight. We need you to make the new building a serviceable facility with all the tools and resources to accompany the people of Jarpa. Here’s the impact your gift will make:

  • Indoor restroom facilities to improve sanitation for our sisters and the parishioners.
  • Updated religious instruction programs to support the best possible formation for young people at a critical time in their faith development.
  • Technologies—computers and software—to connect students in remote parts of the archdiocese with one another AND with our high school students in the US, enabling opportunities for cultural understanding and mutual acts of service.

The construction of the new 3-room parish center and 4-bedroom convent has generated a wonderful community spirit in Jarpa. The people of the village helped to deconstruct the old buildings and local craftspeople will outfit the new ones with all the needed furniture and storage. Providing this meaningful work to people for whom finding employment is often a struggle is more good news for Jarpa.

“Welcoming the people into a new space will honor their dignity.”

Sister Eli

“It will be wonderful to have real classrooms for the youth in our programs.”

Sister Edith

“There are so many young people in our region who are hungry to know God more deeply.”

Sister Doris

LIVE Videos Shared During Construction

Take a look at these joyful videos of the construction site!

During the celebratory days of early April, the people of Jarpa gathered to finish the roof of the first floor in preparation for adding the second story. In keeping with the wonderfully communal spirit of the village this was an occasion for celebration.

COMMENTATOR (repeated multiple times)

“The new Pastoral Center of St. John the Baptist of Jarpa is advancing with the blessings of Cardinal Pedro Barreto Jimeno, the help of the Dominican Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Springfield, Illinois along with our Sisters: Elizabeth Castro Cruz, Edith Vila Alania, and Doris Terrel Jimenez, and the collaborative community of Jarpa.

There is such joy in our progress.  This is a dream of many years. It seems like the whole town is helping. All six neighborhoods/sectors in Jarpa are participating along with their Leadership. We toast them and the project. Traditions and friendships continue as we cooperate together to complete the Pastoral Center of St. John the Baptist.”

Words from our three Sisters

Sister Elizabeth Castro Cruz, OP (Sister Eli)

“Greetings to all.   We are in the midst of this activity thanks to everyone in Jarpa. Everyone is happy because this has been our dream. We have support from each sector in Jarpa - (she names them.). They are all collaborating.  Other friends are helping also, especially the Sisters in Springfield.  We give thanks to all who are so generous in making our Pastoral Center a reality.”

Sister Edith Vila Alania, OP

“We have so many emotions. This Pastoral Center has been the dream of the youth here in Jarpa.  There will be space for them to gather. We are so happy.   Thanks to our Sisters  and Cardinal Pedro Barreto for supporting the dream. We are also grateful to all the people who are collaborating.”

Sister Doris Terrel Jimenez, OP

“Good afternoon to all. After so many years of  dreaming, thanks now goes to the Diocese of Huancayo, the local community of Jarpa, the Dominican Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Springfield, and all the wonderful supporters of our youth who are the driving force of our community here in Jarpa.”

Please help. A gift from you today will provide safe housing for our sisters, honor the dignity of the people of Jarpa, and build life-changing relationships among the young people in our high schools and the students in Jarpa.

Thank you in advance for partnering with the people of Jarpa and our sisters to provide a convent and parish center that will help spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ and honor the people of Jarpa.

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