2022 Annual Christmas Appeal

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Have you met Sister M. Alberta?

Sister M. Alberta has been a Springfield Dominican for HALF of the 150 years of our community story. Her aunts, Sister Maureen and Sister M. Edmund Flynn, were there two decades ahead of her—and her great grandmother was there at the very beginning, sustaining the fragile new community with gifts of produce and eggs during those lean early years.

Sister M. Alberta’s Christmas memories include attending midnight Mass and enjoying the rhythms of a house brimming with playful cousins, aromatic treats, and epic family stories. She remembers laughing when her grandmother called her dad “my baby” and still relishes the adventure of a scary ride in the old Model T—uphill during a heavy Christmas snow!

When your mission is fueled by a legacy of faith and family, then life is full of meaning! Asked why she persists in ministry at her age, Sister Alberta responded simply: “I want to remain helpful as long as I can.”

Sister M. Alberta Juggles Techno wizardry, Ministry, and Family Care

Above: Sister M. Alberta, left, and her sister, Sister M. Rene, who died in 2016. Listen carefully and you will hear Sister M. Alberta mention the reason she asked to move from her ministry as principal at Alleman High School in Rock Island, Ill., closer to her family in Morgan County. She mentions her sister, …

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Late on Holy Days!

Listen to Sister M. Alberta reminisce about the circumstances that brought her parents together, and what it meant to be the only Catholic family in the public school in rural Morgan County. It was during Sister M. Alberta’s early days in religious life that our sisters began an innovative program to address the challenge of …

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Sister M. Alberta’s Dominican Family Tree

Family genealogists know that when researching deceased relatives, it is often possible to catch glimpses of their interests and personalities in their living descendants. This is absolutely true of Sister M. Alberta and her deceased Dominican-Sister relatives. To read the biographies of Sister M. Alberta’s three aunts and her sister, Sister Rene, is to locate …

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Always an adventure at Christmas

Sister Mary Alberta’s big Catholic family enjoyed gathering at her grandparents’ house for the Christmas festivities. Her memories include attending midnight Mass, and the rhythms of a house brimming with playful cousins, aromatic treats, and epic family stories. Here she shares a special family Christmas memory. Don’t miss it! It was just this family atmosphere …

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Will you be helpful, too?

This Christmas, please consider a gift to help Sister M. Alberta and all our sisters who continue to live God’s mission every day. Your donation will:

  • Assist with rising medical costs for our sisters;
  • Increase safety for our aging sisters by helping us purchase “Sit ‘n Stand” lifts that will eliminate accidents and falls;
  • Share the gift of independence with electronic lift easy chairs for sisters’ rooms.

This Christmas season is special for us. We are celebrating “Christ Among Us” throughout our 150 years and the bountiful blessings shared with us by friends like you. Our friends no longer bring food on horseback as Sister M. Alberta’s great grandmother did—but friends and family do still share the fruits of gardens, and donate gifts of cash or stock to care for our sisters and help us with building projects.

You are a blessing to us, and we are grateful for your continued support! You and your families will be in our prayers this Christmas and throughout the new year!

Sister M. Alberta's Story

Week One: Christmas Adventures

Week Two: On Being Catholic

Week Three: Perspectives on Ministry

Week Four: Ministry After 80

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