Meet Rantoul's "Encourager-in-Chief"

  Sarah_picWisdom and compassion are at the heart of Sister Sara’s life.

Sister Sara Koch grew up in the west central Illinois town of Mt. Sterling and has spent the majority of her religious life serving a community on the opposite side of the state. In many ways, St. Malachy in Rantoul, Illinois, mirrors her hometown. Perhaps that is why she is so at home there.

Sister Sara’s Dominican life overflows with a spirit of joy and a contagious urgency to share the Good News of the Gospel, something the people of Rantoul know well. When first assigned there in 1981 she was a junior high teacher. For the next ten years, she served as principal with all the supervisory and administrative tasks that requires. When she returned to St. Malachy after a few years away she began a new task: looking after the religious education and prayer life for the whole parish. Now, after more than 30 years accompanying the people of St. Malachy, she may know Rantoul better than anyone. Today she is the “encourager-in-chief” for families in need of prayer, a listening ear, or wise advice.

“Knowing that I’m providing opportunities for people to be nourished by a deeper relationship and understanding of God revealed, makes my religious life a real joy,” Sister Sara says.

During National Catholic Sisters Week we celebrate our Sister, Sara. Her love of God’s people and care for their spiritual well-being is contagious!

5 thoughts on “Meet Rantoul's "Encourager-in-Chief"”

  1. Sister Sara….such a blessing to all of our St. Malachy family. Her gentle guidance toward deeper faith brings one inner peace.

  2. Elizabeth Milnarik

    Dear Sr. Sara,
    Thank you for helming a wonderful school! I left St Malachy’s after 7th grade, but came to visit with parents when I was in college. You recognized me wandering through the new gym addition, and it was wonderful to be remembered. Thank you for all your good work!
    Elizabeth Milnarik

  3. Sr. Sara is truly a blessing from God. She always knows the right words to say and has a heart of gold. I worked as a teacher at St. Malachy for eight years and she was an encourager for me the whole time. She works well with teachers, parents, staff and is fabulous with students. Students felt the love that she had about the good news. Sr. Sara carries a special place in my heart and has touched the lives of many. Thank you Sr. Sara for all you’ve done and what you will do. Sr. Sara truly is a gift from God!

  4. Hi Sr. Sara,

    Encourager-in-chief is a great description. Thanks too for being such a great mentor for those who follow in your footsteps.

    It’s been 40 years ago since you teamed up with Sr. Rose Miriam and Sr. Mary Jo to sing at our wedding !

    May God bless you and keep you …….. Numbers 6:24-26

    Colleen & Roger Schulte

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