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What to know about God's Call

Whether you are just curious about consecrated religious life (being a sister) or whether you are thinking more deeply about how God is calling you, you are welcome here.

As you browse through these pages, listen for that “tiny whispering sound” (See 1Kings 19:12) that is God-within-you calling you through your prayer and discernment.

If so, and if you do not have children who are dependent on you, you might consider consecrated religious life (being a sister) as an option for you. Learn more.

Follow Our Sisters on a Journey of Love, Adventure, and Ministry!

Enjoy these adventure stories which our sisters shared with guests from St. Dominic Health Services, Jackson, Miss.

How to Keep at it: Next Steps

Did the above statements ring true for you? If so, you are ready to travel on further. Here are some of the common questions that arise for women considering religious life in general and Springfield Dominican life in particular. See what you think.

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