Daily Prayer Websites

Daily Prayer WebsitesDaily prayer keeps you in communication with God and helps you experience God’s love and mercy. Despite the heavy demands of the world, if you are able to carve out even five or ten minutes a day for prayer, you will find your gratitude and kindness increasing and your fearfulness and anger decreasing.The following websites provide daily prayers and reflections that are useful for developing a prayer practice.

The Word – a Daily Dose of Dominican Preaching (http://word.op.org)

The Word Among Us – Catholic Devotions based on Daily Mass readings  (http://wau.org)

Minute Meditations – A Quiet Spot in Your Day (http://AmericanCatholic.org)

Three Minute Retreats – Daily Online Prayer (http://www.loyolapress.com)

Sacred Space – Daily Prayer Online (http://www.sacredspace.ie/)