Self-guided Chapel Tour

Welcome to Sacred Heart Convent Chapel at the motherhouse of the Dominican Sisters of Springfield Illinois. This self-guided audio tour is designed for use on your own smart phone using your own earbuds.

The guest wifi password is available from the receptionist when you arrive, or it can be accessed by dialing 0 from the phone outside the chapel entrance and requesting it.

If this is your first visit to the chapel, you may want to take a moment to soak in the prayerful atmosphere before you begin. When you are ready, plug in your earbuds, tap the audio tour, and enjoy. If you want to stop and contemplate, tap again to pause the recording until you are ready to resume. You are welcome to move freely around the chapel.

Out of respect for our sisters and this sacred space, please use this tour only with your earbuds and refrain from speaking while others are present in the chapel.

Download a complete tour guide

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