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How To Help

By the grace of God, we Dominican Sisters of Springfield have been privileged to labor for God’s mission since 1873. From our earliest days to the present, our contribution to the mission of the church and the healing of the world has been sustained through the self-giving, generosity, and creative energy of the sisters, and the encouragement, prayer, and financial support of our friends and benefactors.

For more than 140 years we’ve taught children, encouraged families, fostered ethical leadership, stood with immigrants and the poor, raised our voices in solidarity with those who suffer injustice, and worked to make positive change in the world.

Our senior sisters have touched countless lives, sparking generations of faithfulness in the children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren of those we’ve served in schools, hospitals, parishes, literacy centers and countless other ministry locations in the United States, Peru, and around the globe.


Why Your Gift Matters

In this dawning century, we continue to respond to God’s call to educate, heal, lead, and evangelize. Whether our sisters are teaching in schools or literacy centers, healing bodies or healing Earth, leading for the transformation of unjust systems or accompanying women on the path to responsible adulthood, we need your help.

Please join us in this mission of service to God and God’s creation.

You can make a difference by providing healthcare needs for our senior sisters, supporting sisters who work in impoverished communities, and enabling innovative new ministries designed to touch the lives of the next generations’ children, families, and leaders.

There are many ways to support the Dominican Sisters of Springfield.

Simply click on a box below to learn more.

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