UISG members met with Pope Francis

Yesterday International Union of Superiors General (UISG) members met with Pope Francis. Here is a short report from our very own “Reporter in Rome” (aka Sr. Rose Marie!) with some great photos.  Please keep Sr. Rose Marie and all UISG members in your prayers.

Update from Rome- Pope with Cardinal Joao and Fr. Carbello
It was very exciting to have an e
audience with the Pope. We were in a
room that seats 6000 so there was
plenty of room for the 800 of us.


Update from Rome - Pope Francis with Cardinal Joao and Fr. Carbello and auidence
Pope Francis with Cardinal Joao and Fr. Carbello. He spoke strongly about our call to follow Jesus in the Gospel and to identify ourselves with the poor. He called us to poverty which is real, not theoretical, Yesterday P. Jose Carballo, the new secretary for CICASAL presided at our closing Eucharist.


Update from Rome-Francis simple unadorned chair_60s_edt
The Pope’s have had a very ornate white and gold chair. Francis has asked for a simple unadorned chair. Photo by Sr. Rose Marie, OP at the 2013 UISG assembly.


Update from Rome photo - Sr Rose Marie in auidence
Sr. Maria on my left is a translator from
Korea. Francesca on my right is from
Austria. We were waiting for the Pope.


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