Transitioning Workshop

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Sister Kathleen Kenny and Sister Mary Corde Lenn presented a 2 1/2 days workshop on preparations for transitioning to the 15 sisters above. Like the four seasons of the year, our lives are changing; we are constantly in some kind of transitioning. Those times in our lives are part of the gift of change, the gift of newness that opens doors once closed by habit and routine. The capacity for change in our lives give us the opportunity for real growth. As we age, we may question where the years went, or where did youth go. The workshop gave consideration for the wisdom and preparedness for the next season we may be entering, a new adventure. We welcome the seasons of life with expectation and planning. The workshop consisted of assessments, interaction, panel discussion, reflection, and a celebration of the seasons to remember, to cultivate, to celebrate, and to give thanks.

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