Study Days

In our next issue of JUST Words, read about Study Days: five days of transforming discussion, education, reflection and renewal held July 26-29 at Sacred Heart Convent. A major theme of the event was appreciation of others’ stories, recognizing that if we only concern ourselves with our own individual stories, we have a limited and short-sighted understanding of the human condition. The Sisters, Dominican Associates and members of the Anti-Racism Team who participated sought to expand their knowledge of key issues,  enhance their understanding of right relationships and discern how to respond to the signs of the times.

Read more about Study Days in our fall issue of JUST Words, coming soon.

Sr Mary Jo Sobieck in a transforming discussion during Study Days 2012 at Dominican Sisters of Springfield Sacred Heart Convent



1 thought on “Study Days”

  1. queridas hermans es parami una inmensa alegria poder leer la oracion que alguien de ustedes escribio
    las conosco en las fotos a hermana margarita ,judith, doris mujeres que hicieron de mi vida y mi familia tremendos cambios de vida al hacer cate quesis en su santidad juan pablo II junto con hermana dominga moore yu todas que pasaron por fe y alegria 32 en canto grande ustedes hicieron historia no solamente en mi persona sino en muchas familias mas que dios de la vida siga derramado vendiciones a ustedes y aquines hacen el bien en este mundo que mas puedo decirlas que mis palabras queda chicas con los hechos que demostraro ustedesfelicitaciones y hasta pronto.

    Beloved Sisters, it is an immense joy to be able to read the prayer that someone of you wrote and to know (in the photos) Sisters Margarita, Judith, Doris – women that changed my life and my family tremendously when you taught at St. Juan Pablo II along with Sister Dominga Moore. All passed through faith and joy in great song. You made history not only in my personal life but in many families and the God of the life continually flows through you and you do good in this world, more than my words can say. God remain with the young women and return soon.

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