Sr. Ann Brummel O.P. Rosary High School in Aurora principal


Rosary High School in Aurora principal Sr. Ann Brummel O.P. was featured in the Beacon News. The article covers her time at Rosary from her start as a graduate in the very first class (and first prom queen!) to how she plans to shape the future of Rosary with the integration of technology and improvements to update the 52-year-old high school.


Excerpt from the article by Kalyn Belsha :

She originally had no plans to become part of a religious order, she said, until she met the Dominican Sisters at Rosary.

“What changed my mind was their joy,” she said. “You could tease them, joke with them. Other orders seemed so rigid. You didn’t feel that warmth and that joy as you did with the Dominicans.”

After joining the Dominican sisters in Springfield, Brummel went on to become a teacher — “I just loved it from day one,” she says — and then an administrator. She taught first grade for about 15 years and later became the principal of St. Peter’s Catholic School in Auorra for 11 years, during which time she lived in Rosary’s convent.


Read the whole article here: http://beaconnews.suntimes.com/2014/07/21/heart-rosarys-principal-looks-future-aurora-school/

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