Spring display in The Heritage Room

The Resurrected Christ_IMG_0084_square_crop


Sister M. Linda Tonellato O.P. made a beautiful spring display in The Heritage Room featuring a statue of The Resurrected Christ.

About the statue:
The Resurrected Christ (or The Resurrection)

This statue was molded and fired in the crafts area of St. Dominic-Jackson Memorial Hospital, Jackson Mississippi by a Dominican Sister (probably by Sister M. Rupert).

It was presented to Rev. John L. Curran, O.P. Chaplain at St. Dominic’s by the Sisters. Before his death, Father Curran presented the statue to a close friend, Dr. John A. Gallogly who, in turn, gave the statue to his daughter, Sister John Joseph, O.P., at Christmas time, 1981.

(Father Curran wanted to emphasize the strength of the risen Christos and requested that the figure be molded with extra-large arms and hands. )

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