Sister Mary Jean Traeger, Living the Liturgy: Associate candidate session 2/10/13

Living the Liturgy 2-10-13_conversation_IMG_0251

Living the Liturgy 2-10-13_leader_to_two_MG_0253Living the Liturgy 2-10-13_large_group_IMG_0228
Living the Liturgy 2-10-13_hug_smile_MG_0268Living the Liturgy 2-10-13_hug_big_smile_MG_0267
Living the Liturgy 2-10-13_good_students_IMG_0242Living the Liturgy 2-10-13_gesture_big_group_IMG_0233
Living the Liturgy 2-10-13_final_thoughts_MG_0263Living the Liturgy 2-10-13_talk_at_table_IMG_0222
Living the Liturgy 2-10-13_table_conversation_IMG_0219Living the Liturgy 2-10-13_lots_of_laughs_IMG_0248
Living the Liturgy 2-10-13_reader2_fasting_prayer_IMG_0202Living the Liturgy 2-10-13_reader_fasting_prayer_IMG_0204
Living the Liturgy 2-10-13_listening_one-on-one_IMG_0258Living the Liturgy 2-10-13_SPM_intro_Sr_Mary_Jean_IMG_0200

“Do we see God present in the ordinary?  What if every family—and I realize families don’t sit down to meals together that often anymore—but what if at supper, they sat down and said to one another, ‘Where did you see God present today?’” – Sister Mary Jean Traeger,  Living the Liturgy Associate candidate session 2/10/13

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