Sister Kathleen Gallagher appointed principal of St. Peter Catholic School

Kathleen Gallager for JW vol 13 No 1Sister Kathleen Gallagher has been appointed principal of St. Peter Catholic School in Aurora, Illinois, effective July 1, 2013. Sister Kathleen was the principal at St. Peter’s from 1981-1991. During some of those years she also taught primary grades. She has been teaching second grade and also junior high religion at St. Peter’s since 2008.

Sister Kathleen has also been a principal at St. Therese in Aurora and Holy Cross in Mendota, and she was assistant principal at Holy Angels in Aurora.

“Returning to my old role here at St. Peter’s is turning out to be a gift,” Sister Kathleen says. “I am pleased at the positive, welcoming response I am receiving from parishioners, students and parents. God will bless us as we move through yet another challenge of keeping Catholic education alive.”

St. Peter Catholic School is known as “a small school with a big heart.” Dominican Sisters have ministered at the school since 1931. The Springfield Dominicans are proud to have Sister Kathleen carry on this fine tradition.

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