See Beyond Your Screen

Meet the teen on a mission
to save her peers from phone addiction

Zeta, in green, “on the set” at Sacred Heart Convent with her production team (l to r) Jack Gaffney, Elizabeth Moose, Brady Sharpe and (hidden from view), Mikaila Salvo and Addy Frey. Zeta Lambert feels teens should spend less time staring at their phones and more time interacting with real people. Now’s she’s doing her bit to try to make that happen. The Sacred Heart-Griffin junior teamed up with SHG’s video production class and the Dominican Sisters to produce “See Beyond Your Screen,” a series of public service announcements for social media. Each of the three silent-movie vignettes tells a story about what happens when teens put down their phones and engage with those around them, focusing on the impact […]

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People Need You

You Need People
People Like You


Phone addiction is a serious issue for a growing number of teens and adults. Learn more here. Content at this link is for your information only. The Dominican Sisters of Springfield are not endorsing the content nor do we claim any expertise on this topic. If you are concerned about phone addiction in yourself or someone you know it is best to consult a trusted medical professional.

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