Racial Justice Webcast

Join the live webcast Dominicans Promote Racial Justice in the 21st Century on November 12, 2012, 7:00  pm-8:15 pm (central time zone).  The Dominican Sisters of Sinsinawa, Wisconsin and the Dominican Sisters of Springfield, Illinois are collaborating to offer this opportunity to examine the issue of systemic racism.  Everyone is invited to participate.  Here are some resources for dismantling racim that you may wish to review before the event!


Go to <http://www.sinsinawa.org/live> www.sinsinawa.org/live .  Click on LIVE EVENTS TAB. Click WATCH to join the webcast.     

To respond during the webcast, there are two options:  email or live chat.

1.           Email:  <mailto:sinsinawa@gmail.com> sinsinawa@gmail.com

2.           Chat:  Click CHAT.  You will be prompted to create a user account with email and password.  Fill in personal and account info only.  It is best to do this at the onset of the webcast.

Join us in continuing the preaching of Montesinos.


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