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As Super Bowl Sunday approaches, we ask that you pray for the victims of human trafficking.  In the past two years, congregations of Catholic Sisters throughout the United States have collaborated to raise awareness of human trafficking.  This effort is especially important in large cities where a national sports event such as the Super Bowl is held.   Wherever an event of this scope takes place, human traffickers do whatever they can to turn the venue into a market for prostitution. Large numbers of women, men and children are brought into the host cities as prostitutes to be exploited and abused.  Some of these victims have been forced into sexual slavery.

Twelve congregations of Catholic Sisters, among them the Racine Dominicans, collaborated in a letter-writing campaign in 2011 in conjunction with the Super Bowl to raise awareness and encourage high profile players and leaders to publicly acknowledgement this problem.  This year, 11 women’s congregations in the Midwest  have combined efforts to educate hotel staff about how to identify victims of human trafficking.  Other volunteer organizations have offered training to cab drivers so they may identify and learn how to report human trafficking, and a human trafficking hotline number has been set up: 888-373-7888. 

You can help by joining in prayerful solidarity and by remembering to pray for victims of human trafficking year-round.

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