Peaceful persuasion, justice and peace

 Sr. Rebecca Ann Gemma, OP led the session over the lives of St. Dominic and St. Catherine for Associate candidates on Sunday October 21, 2012.

Sr. Rebecca Ann Gemma, OP described the journey on foot that St. Dominic took through the ages and his methods of peaceful persuasion. She told about St. Catherine’s quest for justice and peace despite the turmoil in the corrupt world around her.  Sister Gemma said, “She saw human beings not for their achievement, but by their possibly.   Her writings insisted that we all have to work for peace in the world only buy doing justice, especially in the terms of how the world’s goods are distributed among us.”

1 thought on “Peaceful persuasion, justice and peace”

  1. Rebecca, I saw you quoted in NCR a few weeks ago. You go, girl! I know you are doing a great job in leadership; you are ideal for it!
    I am still in the Southern California desert. The cover of NETWORK showed THE BUS on Avenue 70 in rural Thermal; we have four classes on that road.
    Love you lots, Rebecca! Hugs and prayers, Carol, S.P.

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