Living a Balanced Life led by Sr. Joan Sorge on January 13, 2013

Sr Joan Sorge 1-13-13 Living A Balanced LifeSr. Joan Sorge led the Associate Candidate session called Living a Balanced Life on January 13, 2013.

Sisters and Associate Candidates discussed the struggle to keep a balance in our lives and the need to slow down so we can hold on to the value of living holistically. God requires us to live a full life; to give ourselves the gift of time so we can rebuild our own energy. Some ways of living a balanced life include: disconnecting from doing and just being alive, giving thanks for all your blessing in a journal and keeping an inventory of physical, psychological and emotional self-care.

Associate Candidate Renee from Lafayette, Indiana drove 181 miles and was the first to arrive for the Living a Balanced Life session. Such dedication!

Candles were lit representing the different seasons of our life: yellow, summer; green, spring; blue, winter; orange, autumn.

IMG_0390_listening IMG_0377_group_laugh IMG_0376_Bernice_Gale_group_smile IMG_0375_SPM_smile IMG_0362_edit_Renee_from_Lafayette_IN_181mi_drive_1st_to_arrive IMG_0361_three_talking IMG_0359_two_reading IMG_0358_two_talking IMG_0357_large_group_sharing IMG_0355_candles_side_view IMG_0345_lighting candle IMG_0332_candels_top_view

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