Rosary and Bible.

and prayerful best wishes to our Sisters
for whom 2013 is a special year of Jubilee!  

 75 years 1938-2013
Sister Virginia Dever  – Sister Ann Catherine Radosevic –  Sister Ann Regina Baker –   Sister M. Jeanine McGinley 

60 years 1953-2013
Sister Helen Wolf
Sister M. Anita Tapocik –   Sister Helen Becker –   Sister Janet Guretz –   Sister M. Emmeric Emerick   – Sister Doris Taylor   –   Sister M. Clarice Kniery 

50 years 1963-2013
Sister Judith Pfile –   Sister Theodora Stremlau –   Sister Karen Freund   – Sister Mary Lou Owens   – Sister Kathleen Kenny   – Sister Joan Barbara Fenton –   Sister Judine Hilbing 

25 years 1988-2013
Sister Elizabeth Wrenn –   Sister Peggy Conway

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