Happy Feast Day of Dominican Saints!

Today we celebrate the Feast Day of All Dominican Saints!

Dominican Family by Thoma Swanson, OP
Graphic by Thoma Swanson, OP

 From OP.org, below is a Feast Day message from Father Bruno Cadore, Master of the Order.

Why have a Dominican Family Day?  Clearly, we need more than just a day dedicated to a particular theme (and there are many!) to ensure the promotion and success of our projects.  But we hold these days because we often need reminding of the importance of those things about which we care.

And we care about the Dominican Family; this is evident from the many common projects we have around the world, with sisters, friars and laity of the Order, recalling the great diversity of the branches of our vast family (friars, nuns, apostolic sisters and their numerous associates, lay fraternities, priestly fraternities, secular institutes, youth movements, various movements and associations).  This communion is also especially seen in the bonds of friendship and collaboration that connect the members of St Dominic’s family and support the life, joy and creativity of everyone in their very different fields (apostolic, intellectual, artistic projects…).  And it is no less seen in the magnificent signs of solidarity found between friars, sisters and laity when we are experiencing moments of difficulty.

We celebrate a Dominican Family Day to give us the opportunity to give thanks, and to cultivate the friendship in which the Family of St Dominic lives and through which it announces ever more fervently, more beautifully, with even more strength, that friendship that Jesus’s coming sealed between God and humanity.

A few years ago the date we chose for this Day was the 7th November, the Feast of All the Saints of the Order of Preachers.  All those unnamed brothers and sisters that nevertheless make up the immense crowd Dominic had the joy to discover under the protection of the Virgin Mary.  All those who walked along the way of sanctity by means of a life of preaching.

The Synod on the New Evangelisation for the Transmission of the Faith has just come to an end and the Year of Faith has begun.  What a perfect time to remind all of us that our common mission in the Dominican Family, in all its diversity, is preaching.  It is to proclaim the Gospel as joy for the world!  It is also an opportunity to remind us that the choice to consecrate ourselves for preaching is our particular road to sanctification.

So many of our priories have a picture or image depicting the brothers and sisters of the Order under the protection of the Virgin.  What a magnificent image of our family, so diverse yet seeking unanimity, gathered one day at Prouille in a holy preaching and being invited to draw on the force of its fraternal communion in the contemplation of the mystery of the Incarnation.

May God grant that, in this Year of Faith, we may know how, with renewed determination, in the witness of this communion, to walk on the path of Evangelisation to which the Church is called!

Brother Bruno Cadoré, Master of the Order

Dominicana, a blog by the Dominican Students of the St. Joseph Province of the Order of Preachers, offers another Feast of Dominican Saints Day reflection.

We invite Dominicans around the world to celebrate with us today.


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