Foundresses Featured for Women's History Month

FoundressesWomensHistoryMonthMarch is Women’s History Month and we would like to take some time to reflect on the Foundresses of Dominican Sisters of Springfield, Illinois.  The origin of the Springfield Dominicans is an interesting story and Sister Linda Tonellato, OP would be happy to share with you the details in the Heritage Room at Sacred Heart Convent. You can view a video about the unique history of the Springfield, Illinois Dominicans by clicking here.

You can watch a video that explains the visuals in the stained glass artwork in the front entryway at Sacred Heart Convent that gives some insight about the history of the Sisters as they made their way from Kentucky.  Fun Fact: The home of the Springfield Dominican Sisters is the home of most Dominican Sisters in the United States: Siena Vale, Kentucky is where the first congregation in the United States was founded in 1822.

Click here to see the video “Dominican Sisters of Springfield, IL Celebrate Community’s 140th Anniversary”.

On August 19, 1873 (over 140 years ago) the Foundresses of Dominican Sisters of Springfield, IL arrived in Jacksonville, Illinois. Their pilgrimage started at St. Catharine of Sienna Convent near Springfield, KY & took them to Jacksonville, IL.  They traveled on a horse driven stage coach and then by train to begin the Dominican mission of teaching and community life at Our Savior parish and St. Patrick School.

The Foundresses:

Sister M. Josephine Meagher
Foundress 1873
1873-1876  1879-1888  1891-1894

Sister M. Rachel Conway
Foundress 1873
Accomplished Musician

Sister M. Cecilia Carey
Foundress 1873

Sister M. Thomas Wight
Foundress 1874
Novice Mistress

Sister M. Agnes Maguire
Foundress 1873
1888-1891  1897-1900

Sister M. Thomasina Simpson
Foundress 1875
1891-1897  1900-1912

Sister M. Catherine Young
Foundress 1875

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