Dominican Nuns from Elmira, NY begin move


Dominican Sisters of Springfield, IL are helping Dominican Nuns from Elmira, NY relocate their monastery to Jubilee Farm.  The Sisters that just came back from Elmira are: Sister M. Loyola Miller, OP; Sister Catherine Stewart, OP and Sister M. Ancilla Caulfield, OP.   The nuns of the monastery of Mary the Queen wrote what is like so far from their perspective.  The Nuns will be living with the Sisters on the 1st floor of Siena Hall as they wait for the completion of their new monastery. Read the viewpoint of the Nuns as they begin to make their move to Springfield, IL by clicking here.

Siena Hall

4 thoughts on “Dominican Nuns from Elmira, NY begin move”

  1. Phil & Sharon Anderson

    Hoping to be able to reconnect with the Elmira Sisters as we have lost their address & email address. Thank you.

    1. Phil and Sharon, The best thing you can do to get back in contact with the Elmira Sisters would be to send your letters to Dominican Sisters of Springfield, IL 1237 W. Monroe St. Springfield, IL 62704. One of the Elmira Sisters is here now and the rest of the Sisters will be arriving over time. Thank you for reaching out and let us know if there is anything else we can do!

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