Dominican Jubilee

Join us in celebration of Dominican Jubilee,
800 Years of Preaching by the Dominican Order!

 Spirit of God who flows in clear running water,
You are the wellspring of this community’s dreaming.
With you we imagine what is possible.
In you we learn to embrace who we are and can become.
Gift this discerning moment of our history
with an ever deepening trust in your provident care.

Spirit of God who embraces the light of each new day,
You are the life source of this community’s visioning.
Called by you we find courage to hold the dream and bring it to life.
Graced by you, we claim our common decisions and clarify our common values.
Gift this discerning moment of our history with minds attuned to all that is just,
and hearts immersed in the thirst for truth.

Spirit of God who births mystics and prophets,
You are the breath of this community’s transformation.
In you we become a mirror for a world in need of hope.
With you, we contemplate truth which liberates.
Gift this discerning moment of our history with a oneness
that will continue to bless those whose lives we touch.
We praise you, Spirit of God, and ask now the gift of your Wisdom.


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