Happy Dominican Family Day!

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Dominican Family Day quotes by Timothy Radcliffe, OP

“From the beginning Dominic gathered together a family of preachers, men and women, lay and religious, contemplatives and preachers who took to the road. We can see inscriptions in Santa Sabina which talk of the Dominican Family which go back to the beginning. It has always been part of who we are. But now we claim that something new is happening. All over the world, sisters and lay Dominicans are claiming their identity as preachers…. We proclaim that all the members of the Dominican Family are equal and that we share a common mission.”

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“We will only flourish as a family of preachers if we make each other strong, and give each other life. We must breathe God’s breath into each other, as Jesus did on the disciples.”

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“Dominic always thought of the Order as having the breadth of a family, with nuns and laity and brethren. Dominic was eminently human and he preached the God who embraced our humanity. We need our Dominican Family to form us human preachers, and make us alive.”

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 “We need the wisdom of women, and the experience of married people and parents, and the depth of the contemplative if we are to be formed as preachers.”

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