Consistent Ethic of Life

 Doing good is committing to the protection of the whole of life on Earth

Dominican Sisters of Springfield, Illinois Adopt Corporate Stance on A Consistent Ethic of Life On June 15, 2013 during General Assembly, the Dominican Sisters of Springfield, Illinois unanimously approved a new corporate stance on a Consistent Ethic of Life. This stance is an embodied decision to protect the common good. We are called to look at all issues through the lens of how our actions might sustain and support LIFE in all its interconnectedness so that the community of life might flourish. This corporate stance commits us – and publicly witnesses to our commitment – to look at issues, make decisions and act out of the Gospel value that “all may have life and have it more abundantly.” The corporate stance reads: Consistent Ethic of Life We believe in the interconnection of all life which is at the heart of a consistent ethic of life. We commit to the protection of the whole of life on Earth. Our commitment fundamentally requires a conversion of heart and compels us to address any injustice that diminishes the community of life. We reverence the sacredness of life and address injustice in a spirit of respect, compassion, and solidarity.

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