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Welcome to Sacred Heart Convent Chapel at the motherhouse of the Dominican Sisters of Springfield Illinois. This self-guided audio tour is designed for use on your own smart phone using your own earbuds. Let it take you wherever your curiosity leads you. Select the audio segments in the order you wish.

The guest wifi password is available from the receptionist, when you arrive, or it can be accessed by dialing 0 from the phone outside the chapel entrance and requesting it.

If this is your first visit to the chapel, you may want to take a moment to soak in the prayerful atmosphere before you begin. When you are ready, plug in your earbuds, tap the link that interests you, and enjoy. If you want to stop and contemplate, be sure to pause the recording until you are ready to resume. You are welcome to move freely around the chapel.

Audio Tour Introduction & Instructions

Sacred Heart Convent Chapel Tour

Part One: Architecture Context and Style

Sacred Heart Convent Chapel Tour

Part Two: Sanctuary and Mosaics

Sacred Heart Convent Chapel Tour

Part Three: Liturgy—the Work of the People

Sacred Heart Convent Chapel Tour

Part Four: Mary and Dominic Mosaic

Sacred Heart Convent Chapel Tour

Part Five: Windows: Message and Summons

Sacred Heart Convent Chapel Tour

Part Six: Details of Note

Sacred Heart Convent Chapel Tour

Sacred Heart Convent Chapel Tour: Continuous Sequence of Tracks

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Cantors who lead the congregation in singing Morning and Evening Prayer use the lectern in the middle aisle of the chapel.

Baptismal Font

This font was constructed in 1999, using marble from the altar in the old motherhouse chapel, which was razed in 1994. The pedestal design carries delicately carved grapes and wheat, signifying the simple elements that become the Body and Blood of Christ in the Eucharist.


Sacred Heart Academy contributed the 22-rank organ, which was designed by Wick Organ, Highland, Illinois. The company is owned by the family of Dominican Sister M. Kenneth Wick.

Take an armchair tour!

Take this tour via your computer or tablet from the comfort of your home. Click the video link to access a slideshow version of the tour.

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