Vocation Stories

Sister Helen Becker:  I grew up on a farm, and because we lived so far from town, I attended a one-room country school. There was no basement so an underground cellar about 15 feet from the school provided shelter during storms. The only source of light was a single tile in the ceiling of this below-ground cave. . . Read more

Sister Linda Hayes:  My vocation story begins in fourth grade. Our parish priest was visiting our classroom and he asked who wanted to become a priest. I raised my hand, and he laughed and told me I needed to think about being a sister. . . Read more

Sister Mary Harold Herrmann:  In 1949, when I was in second grade at St. Charles Borromeo School in Hampshire, IL, our teacher, Sister M. Cecelia Duchesne, asked the class one day, “How many of you are going to be priests or sisters?” . . . Read more

Sister Mary Paulita Philippe: On my own initative, I could never have made two big steps in my life. The first step was to hear the call to become a Catholic at the end of my senior year in high school.  The other was to enter the Dominican Sisters Community in Springfield, IL two years later! . . . Read more

Sister Stephanie Kapusta:  I was born in Benld, Illinois, and am the youngest of four children born to Peter and Magdalene Kapusta. My oldest sister, Florence, now Sister M. Bernardine, entered the Springfield Dominicans shortly after I graduated from the eighth grade. . . Read more

Sister Mary Roselita Holthaus: I attended Sacred Heart School in Oconee, IL. In the middle and upper grades, I began thinking of becoming a Sister. I dearly loved the Ursuline Sisters and became very curious about their lives. My aunt was also a Sister. . . Read more

Sister Mary Gael Daley:  The grace of my vocation (it seems to me) began while I was in my mother’s womb when she was baptized Catholic—my father’s faith her inspiration and strength. I was baptized myself 2 weeks after birth. . . Read more

Sister Mary Albrecht: As a child, I was enthralled with the Sisters who taught classes at my parish school.  There were twelve Sisters who taught in Carrolton at St. John’s. I used to watch them come into the church for Mass. . . Read more