Sr. Mary Paulita Philippe OP

On my own initiative I could never have made two big steps in my life. The first step was to hear the call to become a Catholic at the end of my Senior year in High School. The other was to enter the Dominican Sisters Community in Springfield, IL two years later! The Holy Spirit was working overtime on me!

My family was a loving community of four children and attentive, outgoing parents. We were, however, “unchurched.” You could say that God had us, but the Church did not. As Providence would have it, some of my relatives and most of my friends were Catholic. Slowly but excitedly I was drawn to the waters of Baptism. Then, some wonderful Dominican Sisters entered my life. They came to our parish each Saturday from Granite City, IL to teach Religion to the children who belonged to Sacred Heart Parish. They taught me so much by their lives of joyful faithfulness, that I, too, was attracted to their way of life.

Now after 54 years as a Dominican Sister, I can see that the journey got better and better as I sought to follow God’s call. The One who called me can never be outdone in generosity. My life has been so blessed by all those I have met along this path. There is always the desire in me to have other women walk this journey, too.