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Discern God’s Call

In the 2,000-year history of the church, no one ever came to a vocation without someone to lead them to Christ.

If you’ve recognized yourself on one of these five paths, the next step is talking with a friend, a trusted spiritual guide, or a vocation minister. Trust the movement of God’s spirit within you and do not be afraid.

If you would like support from us, we are happy to help. Please contact Sister Teresa Marron at 217.787.0481, or srteresa@spdom.org, or visit us at www.springfieldop.org.

How do you know if God is calling you?

That’s simple. God is calling you. The question is not if. It is “to what?”

joy and wholeness

Path One

The path toward joy and wholeness

She will be a woman with a discerning, passionate, and joyful heart . . . capable of making a permanent commitment . . . single and willing to live a vow of celibacy.

Path Two

The path toward gratitude and prayer

She recognizes the presence of God in life, in good times and bad, and reflects on God’s activity in her life. She prays regularly, attends Mass and is comfortable sharing her faith with others. She reads, studies, and prays with scripture.

gratitude and prayer

trust and hospitality

Path Three

The path toward trust and hospitality

She has relational and interpersonal skills. She enjoys other people, has good self-esteem, is able to trust and be trusted, expresses gratitude openly, is sensitive to the needs of others, and respects their dignity in responding to those needs. She exhibits hospitality, empathy, and compassionate concern.

Path Four

The path toward friendship and curiosity

Her communication skills are evident. She listens well and is able to express her ideas clearly. She helps others recognize their strengths and gifts and encourages them to use them. She respects and appreciates others’ opinions about life and faith.

friendship and curiosity

responsibility & creativity

Path Five

The path toward responsibility and creativity

She exhibits personal responsibility. She enjoys doing a full day’s work, is able to spend time alone, knows how to set and keep personal boundaries, shows creativity in thought, word, and action.








Inspired by Saint Dominic and Saint Catherine of Siena, the Dominican Sisters of Springfield, Illinois are called to be signs of hope and voices for truth. With lives enriched by prayer, study of God’s Word, living in community and preaching the Gospel, the Springfield Dominicans minister to people of diverse cultures in the United States and Peru. With active hope, and trusting in the grace of Holy Mystery, we choose to imagine the world we want to inhabit and accept the urgent responsibility to collaborate in bringing it to birth.

As Dominican women ministering in healthcare, education, pastoral care, eco-spirituality and social justice advocacy, we claim our power to nurture mutual relationships that offer healing and courage to a broken world. Vulnerable ourselves, we choose to stand with the poor, to accompany those on the margins and to work toward systems that promote life. Centering our lives in Jesus, we seek to enflesh the Gospel and fulfill our mission statement: “ Called by God into right relationship with all creation and graced by Dominican life and mission, we compassionately preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”

What Does Earth Ask of Us?


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Dominican Sisters at Sacred Heart Convent celebrate 60 and 75 years of consecrated religious life on Sunday, April 26, 2015. Sister Rebecca Ann Gemma, OP sings Ava Maria in the background. Edited by Sister Kathlyn Mulcahy, OP. Photos by Sister Elizabeth Wrenn, OP.


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