Strategies for Reading the Bible

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Saturday, March 18, 2017
8:30 a.m.-3:00 p.m.
Sacred Heart Convent
1237 W Monroe Street
Springfield IL 62704

Grow in your ability to pray with the Bible!
Apply its lessons to your spiritual life.
Let it inform your actions for justice and peace.

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Early Bird (Before March 1) $40.00
After March 1 $50.00
Brown bag lunch from Hy-Vee: $10.00

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Who will want to attend?

  • Followers of Jesus and their interfaith dialogue partners
  • Peace-makers and activists
  • Dismantlers of racism
  • Faith-based community organizers
  • Religious educators
  • Preachers and pastors

Paul Nuechterlein, a Lutheran pastor from Kalamazoo, Mich., extends his pastoral ministry through, a rich resource for preachers and all followers of Jesus. This one-day seminar hosted by the Dominican Sisters of Springfield is an introduction to the impact of  eminent Catholic philosopher René Girard. His mimetic theory—one of the 20th Century’s most important innovations—from one of its most important thinkers.

Bishop Robert Barron of the Catholic Archdiocese of Los Angeles wrote at the time of Girard’s death in 2015, “There are some thinkers that offer intriguing ideas and proposals, and there is a tiny handful of thinkers that manage to shake your world. Girard was in this second camp.”

Brian McLaren, a prominent Christian author and pastor—equally convinced of the importance of Girard’s work for the future of Christianity—says “Paul Nuechterlein has helped me more than anyone else to read the Scriptures in light of Girard’s groundbreaking work. I’d encourage anyone and everyone to seize an opportunity to learn with Paul.”     –Brian McLaren

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We’ll cater-in fresh, delicious Executive Box Lunches from Hy-Vee for an additional charge. If you prefer to go out for lunch the schedule will allow plenty of time for you to find a local eatery. We’ll supply water, coffee, and tea. Here are your sandwich options. After you complete your online registration we’ll send you an email link to an order form for you lunch.

  • Grilled chicken Caesar wrap (w/chips, fruit salad, pasta salad, cookie)
  • Rio Grand wrap-turkey (w/chips, whole fruit, pasta salad, brownie)
  • Veggie Delight (w/chips, whole fruit, pasta salad, cookie)
  • New Yorker wrap-ham and bacon (w/chips, whole fruit, pasta salad, cookie)
  • California Club wrap-turkey, ham, bacon (w/chips, fruit salad potato salad, brownie)

I’m intrigued! Tell me more about René Girard!

girard_rene-mOne of the organizations that exists to explore the thought of this great philosopher put it this way “What do people really want? Why do they fight? What is religion all about? And how did human culture get started in the first place? Girard tackled such bedrock questions head-on, offering boldly original answers expressed in admirably clear language. The last of the Grand Theorists, he was a sophisticated Continental thinker who always kept his feet planted firmly on the ground. His ideas are never purely theoretical. They help make sense of everyday life.”

You can learn more at the Imitatio website.

Learn more about how Paul Nuechterlein integrates Girard’s thinking into his preaching and pastoral ministry here.

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