Passion for Justice

We believe it is our responsibility to maintain right relationships and speak out for justice. 

Our Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation Committee publishes a monthly newsletter, Where Justice and Truth Meet, to inform Sisters, Associates and other partners about current justice issues.

The Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation Committee has also developed a set of fact sheets on the important issue of climate change. The fact sheets are offered in the hope of condensing a great deal of material into a shorter, more understandable presentation. The packet also includes some commonly suggested “Action Steps” so that many can consider ways to limit their carbon footprint and mitigate global warming.

Global Climate Change Fact Sheets (Feb. 2009)

Our  Poverty, Justice and Peace Fund was established 1986 in order to share what we have received with the materially poor, provide material support to organizations which represent and serve the poor, and promote and support efforts toward justice and peace. These grants provide assistance to projects not only in the United States, but also in countries such as Africa, India, Central and South America.

Our congregation adopts Corporate Stances on issues related to justice, peace and integrity of creation.

Our Collaboration and Resources page contains links to many fine groups and initiatives that support justice, peace and the integrity of creation. We invite you to explore ways in which you may be involved in creating a more just, peaceful and environmentally responsible community.